It has been a fantastic afternoon here at Banya No.1. I felt lighter, calmer and happier than when arrived. Thank you! Continue Reading…

Hayley Atwel 05.06.2022

The best banya I’ve ever been to! The environment is very relaxing, the staff is very professional and friendly, the food is excellent, and parenie is something I would want to have every week as a routine 🙂 Continue Reading…

Oksi O (Google) 02.06.2022

Original experience! Kind staff, clean facilities and a welcome pause in daily life.

Sami Kali (Google) 17.05.2022

Excellent experience! Relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Highly recommended.

Taissia Chinina-Kelly (Google) 14.05.2022

Lovely souls to welcome you in. Beautiful venue and more than perfect massage, food, drink, sauna and relaxation. I will be back!

Freyja Hanstein (Google) 10.05.2022

Best parenie I’ve had in London, nice sauna, would recommend.

Victoria Wakerley (Google) 09.05.2022

Brilliant, professional, rejuvenating experience. The staff are so friendly and helpful. Alexandre (hope I spelt that right) was brilliant and made sure I got the most out of the experience.

Zuber Anwar (Google) 06.05.2022

Great experience as ever at Banya…..!

Petar Agbaba (Google) 05.05.2022

t was a perfect weekend treat with the girls. We rented Karelia suit – it provided comfortable, stylish and private experience and felt that we had a very personalised approach to our needs. Pareniye as a treatment is must have, professionally done! I loved the special teas and definitely will be back for another day of pampering with honey and salt scrub and pareniye.

Yelena Staniszewska (Google) 03.05.2022

Amazing experience, came out so relaxed!!!! The staff are wonderful and so attentive, would highly recommend if you want a break from the world!

Sarah Leighton (Google) 27.04.2022

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