Banya Experience For Two 

Special Treatment Package for Couples* –  treat yourself and your loved one 
by sharing an authentic Russian Wellness Experience 

What does Banya session for couples look like?

Banya Session starts in the Russian Steam Room 
​You are both warming up, relaxing and enjoying the heat and the steam.
After 10 minutes, head together to our
Lounge Bar   and try complimentary herbal tea while relaxing in your private booth for about 20-30min.
Time for treatments! You are back in the steam room together. One of you is receiving  Parenie   – Rejuvenating Thermal Massage with venik (leafy and fragrant bundle of birch, oak or eucalyptus twigs), while the other enjoying the steam in the same steam room.
Now return to your table in the lounge for another  20-30 minutes of relaxation and cooling down. Don’t forget to try our homemade  Beetroot Kvass 

​No one is leaving Banya without Parenie.  It’s time for the second person to be twigged, while the partner is reading newspaper in lounge or enjoying another steaming session together.

Your next organic treatment is a full body Honey & Salt or Coffee  Scrub . Both of you will have it. One at a time. Meanwhile your partner is in steam room or the lounge.
Our Steam Sauna facilities are all yours. So use the steam room and plunge pool as many times as you need. Do not rush. Banya is all about Relaxation. To complement your banya experience you may order traditional  Russian Delicacies  and drinks.

Enjoy your Banya experience with your loved one and remember :

All you need is Leaves!

Couple’s Package  from £169

3-hour session for two, including:

Please note, during Mixed sessions swimwear is essential.
For her we recommend a separate piece (bikini) – it’s better for steaming and treatments.