Combining authenticity and luxury, Private Banya “Taiga” offers a Russian steam room, a hot stone room, a massage room for two and a private lounge area. The steam room is unique – a traditionally constructed “Srub” or log cabin which has been used in Russian countryside banyas for centuries. A Srub is a cabin built of interlocking wood logs, requiring no other bolts or fixings to maintain its form.

Private Banya “Taiga” is ideal for corporate and private clients and is available to both members and non-members. Of course, we will continue to offer our guests a variety of thermal and exfoliating organic treatments, holistic massages including a traditional Russian massage, and a truly unforgettable Russian banya experience in an authentic log cabin.

Seating 8–10 people, Private Banya “Taiga” is the perfect venue for special occasions, corporate entertainment, unique spa experiences, hen parties, corporate events or staff days out.


Our Srub walls are made of Kelo timber logs imported from Russia’s taiga in the northern region of Karelia and it is built on site by highly skilled craftsmen using age-old traditional methods.

Kelo, also known as “suhostoy”, is a 150–200-year-old Karelian pine which remains standing upright for a further 50–60 years after it has stopped growing. It dehydrates in the arid, cold climate, giving the timber a unique silvery grey hue. Utilising the sawn edge of the wood enhances its natural splendour and the aromatic pine scent, creating a unique and amazing ambience.