That was my 1st Russian Spa Experience! Feel great! Amazing people and good food! See you next time!

Luke Evans 13.12.2019

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Certificate of Excellence


Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience cant wait to go back again! Feel amazing after the treatments like no other spa I’ve ever been too!

Lauren L / Trustpilot 31.03.2014

Banya was a very different experience for me, that is for sure! I did enjoy it though. Staff are super friendly and made it a great experience for me that I would certainly recommend to anybody. Continue Reading…

David / Trustpilot 29.03.2014

This place is excellent if you are after authentic Russian banya experience or if you want to discover a little more extreme SPA than your ordinary sauna or hammam. Continue Reading…

Customer / Trustpilot 26.03.2014

This is an amazing experience, which leaves your skin moisturised and feeling younger! Continue Reading…

Maria Zherebtsova / Trustpilot 24.03.2014

Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience. I love going to Banya, always feel so much better afterwards. Continue Reading…

Anna Losse / Trustpilot 20.03.2014

A combination of – original outing, huge health and mental benefit as well as fun and novelty – Russian Banya – at its best! Been going banya for last 40 years – this one is the business!

Platon Borschevsky / Trustpilot 18.03.2014

I was at Banya No.1 with my friends and all of us enjoyed this visit, we got the extremely hot Russian Venik massage (Parenie) and Honey&Salt scrub, so felt amazing! Continue Reading…

Elena / Trustpilot 17.03.2014

Thank you so much for the silver treatment yesterday, the best sauna experience I ever had. Will be back next month for a detox day.

Ingrid R. Netscher Acton / Facebook 10.03.2014

Big hug! All the best! This is the real magic moments! Thanks for the best bath!

Bolshoi theatre 04.08.2013

Staff are super friendly and made it a great experience for me that I would certainly recommend to anybody. You might get hooked. Continue Reading…

David Cadogan / Google 02.07.2013


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