Banya Pass

Mon – Fri
10am – 5pm

£ 84

Mon – Fri
10am – 11pm

£ 99

  • Unlimited 3-hour sessions (during 1 month period)
  • Choose and pay for at least one treatment for each session
  • OFF-PEAK passes can be used on peak times / weekends and Bank holidays with a £15 surcharge per visit
  • MIDWEEK passes can be used on weekends and Bank holidays with a £15 surcharge per visit

Once-A-Month Membership

Mon – Sun
10am – 11pm

1 person
£ 59*

2 persons
£ 100*

* Paid monthly

  • One visit a month on any day & any time**
  • Each visit includes 3-hour session and Parenie treatment***
  • Save up to 35%
  • Cancel any time after 3 months****
  • Not available to the first time visitors

** Membership for 2 persons: Both persons are expected to visit together.

*** 2 Parenies if Membership for 2 persons.

****Cancellation is required to be made not less than one week before the next month’s payment due. 


Combining authenticity and luxury TAIGA offers similar facilities but with a twist. The steam room is unique – traditionally constructed log cabin which has been used in countryside banyas for centuries. The walls are made of Kelo timber logs imported from Russia’s taiga in the northern region of Karelia and it is built on site by highly skilled craftsmen using age-old traditional methods.

It’s ideal for an exclusive private banya experience for 1 or 2 persons, but large enough accommodate up to 10 people and can be used for special occasions, corporate events and entertainment or hen spa days.

Mon – Fri
10am – 4pm

£ 2,970
saving from £1,530 

Mon – Fri
10am – 11pm

£ 4,190
saving from £3,010 

  • One complimentary 3-hour private hire of Taiga per month.  Up to 10 people Midweek (except Bank Holidays)
  • 10% off for all treatments & accessories*
  • 25% off to any additional hire of private banya TAIGA
  • Up to 2 months Freeze
  • Can start on any day
  • Member’s Gift pack: Banya hat and flip flops
    (with personal storage space for keeping at banya)

* Discounts apply to Members only (not Guests) 

To apply, please click the button “Membership form” and complete the application form:

Membership form

Please read our Terms & Conditions before applying.