That was my 1st Russian Spa Experience! Feel great! Amazing people and good food! See you next time!

Luke Evans 13.12.2019

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TripAdvisor reccomends Banya No.1 London


Amazing hospitality, and very authentic parenie. Felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.

Mikhail S 13.09.2021

The whole experience was fantastic. I had the gold package and each treatment was brilliant. 10/10 recommend.

Alex C 13.09.2021

The staff is very professional, it wasn’t busy, we got a great treatment. The tea and food were great too. Definitely we’ll be coming often! Highly recommending!

Irina Z (Tripadvisor) 13.09.2021

Fantastic place, highest quality service on all counts. Highly recommended. Love the ambience, atmosphere and professionalism of he staff.

Marina Wright (Google) 07.09.2021

First time going to Banya and what a fantastic experience. I’ll definitely be back. Very relaxing but not in the conventional way of thinking about a spa experience. It isn’t a spa experience in that sense. Great sauna / steam, excellent massage and skin treatments. And best part is the staff.

Andrew Stephen (Google) 07.09.2021

Excellent little spa! Great staff, great treatments and loads of fun!

Richard Walker (Google) 07.09.2021

Spent a Sunday afternoon getting massages, scrubs and a full parenye experience. Really great staff, everyone is super helpful, all very clean and tidy. Will be back for sure.

Victoria Krayushkina (Google) 06.09.2021

Great spa experience. Excellent facilities and staff. Very clean and comfortable. The food and treatments are first class and the staff and wonderful and friendly.

Caroline Elliott (Google) 01.09.2021

It was my first time to a Russian bath so I want too sure what to expect. The Perenie was life changing – I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alert, refreshed and deeply relaxed all at the same time as I did after the treatment. Can’t wait to visit again and plunge in that icy cold pool!

Sonja F 31.08.2021

Warm and swift service, great facilities and option of treatments. Will defiantly return!

Carla Adem (Google) 30.08.2021


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