Recommendations for your visit to Banya No.1

How to enjoy your Banya experience

  • Use the wristband to secure your belongings in a locker and then, covering yourself in a towel, head to the banya/ wet area.
  • Put on a felt hat to prevent overheating and then enter the steam room for no more than 10 minutes on the first go. Seat or lay down on your towel.
  • Afterwards, take a luke-warm or cool shower and head to the lounge area where staff will show you your table. Relax, cool down and re-hydrate.
  • Over the course of your session our therapists will invite you to your first treatments.
  • Repeat the 10-minute visits to the steam room with 20-30 minute breaks in between.
  • After your 2nd visit it is the right time for a splash of refreshing cold water from the buckets or an electrifying and invigorating dip in the icy cold plunge pool (please take a shower before).
  • After your treatments, you can order and enjoy traditional food and drinks that help to keep your hydration and electrolyte balance.

Do not rush and don’t overdo it. Take regular breaks from the steam room to rehydrate and cool down in the lounge.

Swimwear is essential during mixed gender sessions.

For Women: two-piece bikini are more practical for treatments and steaming. 

Also please note, floors may be slippery and flip flops should be worn.