Steam Master & Wellbeing Workshop at Banya No.1 – Hoxton

Learn the art of steam and Parenie from the professional Steam Masters

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Ever wondered what’s behind the ritualistic, almost shamanic dance with the oak leaves and steam? Join our Steam Masters at the Private Spa Suite  and try mastering the art of steam yourself!

At Banya No.1, we take wellness to the next level. Our exhilarating thermal experience combines ancient wellness rituals, authentic facilities and a bespoke service. Based on the thermal cycle of hot, cold, rest, and repeat – a centuries-old wellness tradition practised in Northern Europe – you will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of this unique experience and leave feeling distressed and reborn.

The workshop is perfect for socialising and learning new wellness techniques, plus it can be an engaging team building experience as a part of the corporate workshop.

What to expect at the Steam Master & Wellbeing Workshop

  1. Aroma Steam Ritual: Our best Steam Masters warm you up with a fragrant blend of herbs and demonstrate the aroma steam techniques. It’s a sensory delight that prepares you for the main event – Parenie training.
  2. Thermal Parenie Ritual Training: Our wellness workshop proceeds with one-on-one Parenie training an invigorating thermal massage using leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs (veniks) –  taught by our professional Steam Masters.

You’ll learn the top tips of this ancient practice, including: 

• Choosing the perfect venik
• Getting the banya steam room ready
• Working with steam
• Simple and complex movements
• H&S during Parenie treatment

  1. Individual Parenie Experience: Following the training, you will be treated to your own individual Parenie session that will be followed by an ice bath plunge, performed and guided by our Steam Masters.
  2. Tea Ceremony: Throughout the workshop savour our finest herbal blends like Fireweed and Chaga tea.
  3. Workshop Duration: 3  hours of an immersive experience.

Our Wellness Workshop Benefits 

Discover Banya’s Rich History: Gain insight into the captivating history of the Banya bathing and the fascinating interplay of heat and cold within its realms.

Pair Up and Experience: This workshop is designed for pairs, offering you a unique opportunity to not only master the venik and steam but also indulge in the soothing steam experience as a client. You can bring a friend or partner as you will get your turn to be a model and an apprentice.

Connect and Socialise: Beyond being educational, this workshop serves as an exceptional social club. Meet like-minded individuals and relish your time in excellent company.

Team Building & Corporate Workshops

Elevate your corporate event with this unique offering, providing an unforgettable wellbeing workshop for employees or a memorable work Christmas party! The maximum capacity is 8 participants, so it’s perfect for small teams.

Flexible Booking: You may come alone, organise a group experience, or corporate workshop, our event caters to both individual or group bookings.

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PRICE: £130 per person

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