Thank you for the relaxation. Had fun and I feel great!

Justin Bieber 20.08.2016

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TripAdvisor reccomends Banya No.1 London


Fantastic sauna and ice plunge. Superb treatments…with herbal whipping!

Steve Peck (Facebook) 01.10.2021

We booked the tiagi private area. Superb layout, great service and the cold bath was amazing.

William A 21.09.2021

I have to say, my experience with you was outstanding. The experience as a whole was so good. Your team, facilities and overall care is remarkable. I can’t wait to come back again.

Jamie W 21.09.2021

Was there this weekend, enjoyed it a lot. Amazing service, very clean, everyone is very gentle and attentive, parenie procedure was the best, and food, simply no words how tasty.

Veronika Lukoperova (Google) 21.09.2021

It is amazing, affordable, and you will go again. Fact! Great food, drink , therapies and atmosphere, in a very clean and safe environment. Urrah! Urrah! Urrah! Continue Reading…

Julian B (Tripadvisor) 21.09.2021

Couldn’t be better! Amazing staff, amazing services.

Patricia K 20.09.2021

We booked a private package with Parenie and scrub! Absolutely loved it and would highly recommend to anyone looking for something different to relax!

Jack H 20.09.2021

A must do for all! Brilliant experience!

Atishma V 20.09.2021

This was my 1st time and from entering Banya No.1 till I left o can honestly say it’s a must. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. A wonderful relaxing experience I left refreshed and revived. The Parenie was an experience I will not forget in a hurry. Loved it

Sacha M 20.09.2021

First I want to say big thank you for absolutely brilliant and friendly staff. All of you made my evening. Place is absolutely clean and welcoming .Food was delicious and we loooooved your tea .Service was more than I expected. Parenie was performed beyond my expectation. Well done guys for your hard work.

Jorune B 20.09.2021

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