Experience the Perfect Harmony of Sound Bath

The Sound Bath Ritual, followed your Parenie experience, is an immersive journey uses the power of sound and vibrations of gongs and singing bowls to enhance relaxation and promote holistic well-being.

Our Sound Bath Ritual currently takes place exclusively in our Private Spa Suite ensuring an intimate environment for relaxation and guided meditation. 

Sound Bath Thermal Spa Meditation - London - Banya No.1-Hoxton

Participants are guided through an initial relaxation process, which often includes deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. This helps to create a state of receptivity and calm.

The practitioner uses gongs and singing bowls to create soothing and resonant sounds. During this phase, the gong and singing bowls produce a “sound bath” that envelops participants. The rich, harmonious tones and vibrations are believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and balance the mind and body.

Participants are encouraged to focus their attention on the sounds of the gong and singing bowls.

Sound Bath ritual prices

Parenie + Sound Bath
£40 Parenie (10 minutes)
£20 Sound Bath (10 minutes)
1 person £60
2xParenie + Sound Bath for two
£80 Parenie (2×10 minutes)
£30 Sound Bath (10 minutes)
2 persons £110
Aroma Parenie for a Group + Sound Bath for a Group of 3-10
£60 Aroma Parenie (10 minutes)
£40 Sound Bath (15 minutes)
3-10 persons £100