Rejuvenate skin by exfoliating and promoting the regeneration of skin cells. Hydrate the skin to reduce itchiness, leaving it smooth and supple.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud is a natural element yielded by and harvested from the mineral-rich Dead Sea. Mud has a high content of salts and minerals.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud:

  • has hydrating, beautifying and relieving properties.
  • accelerates the skin’s detoxification process, draws out excess oil, tightens, and exfoliates to remove dead skin.
  • hydrates and nourishes the scalp and roots by boosting circulation, eliminating harmful bacteria, cleansing and moisturizing the scalp, and repairing damage.
  • works as an agent for soothing relief on skin afflicted with dryness, itchiness, redness, and cracking. It also relaxes the muscles, eases aches, addresses joint pain, boosts circulation, and reduces inflammation.