£30 – up to 10 min

Parenie – Invigorating Thermal Treatment
The key signature treatment using leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs (called Venik).
This process is quite intense and it’s not about slashing you with oak and birch leaves, but rather working the steam around you to warm you up so deep that you feel the need to plunge into the chilled water afterwards. The contrast causes release of adrenalin and stress hormones and immense invigoration that follows. It boosts your blood circulation, relieves tension and stress and it’s a very good cardio-vascular exercise. After the treatment you may also feel a tingling sensation and even slightly light headed.

Skin Clearing & Firming Oak Venik
Has softening and lifting effect on the skin giving it youthful and glowing appearance. It’s great for oily skin, has anti-inflammatory effect, calms nervous system and helps reduce high-blood pressure.

Parenie 4-handed
£60 – up to 10 min

Double the intensity of your experience.

Healing Birch Venice
Birch leaves release essential oils as well as vitamins A and C, which are absorbed by the skin. This is believed to help heal rheumatism, asthma, arthritis and other conditions.

Eucalyptus Venik
Used for inhalation.
Eucalyptus is well known for the relief of nasal congestion and coughs associated with a cold.