Hot | Cold | Rest | Repeat

Beat Stress in 3 hours

Authentic bath house

Unique Environment

Unlike conventional saunas and steam rooms, a traditional banya generates superheated steam as water is splashed onto a tonne of cast iron heated to 700oC inside an authentic brick furnace.

We offer a selection of honest and effective Spa & Wellness treatments with strictly natural ingredients:
Honey & Salt Scrub, Coffee Scrub, Siberian Body Wash, Aloe Vera full body mask, Mud mask
A deep tissue Massage is especially effective after your muscles are warmed up in the very hot steam room.
You may select a package with treatments you prefer and share the experience with friends or family.
You will have a booth with a table or private room to relax and have some healthy and delicious food.
Alternatively you may choose an Exclusive Private Banya TAIGA Experience.

Authentic Wellness Experience that makes you feel Alive

Recommendations for your visit to Banya No.1

The key signature treatment is Parenie – an invigorating thermal treatment, that uses leafy and fragrant bundle of birch, oak or eucalyptus twigs.

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