Get Treated Like a Tsar. Available in Private Banya TAIGA only.


Bathhouse treatments have proven to have a truly miraculous effect on the body and mind. However, we have found a way to make it even better. We are proud to say that we now offer parenie on the hay or as it’s also known as ‘parenie for a tsar’. 

A Tsar Ivan the Terrible (1533–84) has adopted and popularised a new way of parenie – the traditional parenie while laying down on the hay. This type of treatment benefits from an amazing aromatherapy as you inhale all the most healthiest herbs while being massaged by a special oak whisk in a steam room.

We specially prepare the hay for this therapy by using organic hand cut meadow herbs all the way. Just imagine this incredible natural smell going straight to your lungs. 

Moreover, the hay is an excellent natural scrub, that cleans and massages your skin while you are enjoying the parenie. It removes toxins from your body and increases the general body tone. 

Why not try out this amazing organic spa treatment and benefit yourself with all the best that Mother Nature has to offer? What was once exclusive for a tsar Ivan is now available in London and we are the one of the first spas to do it for our dearest clients.