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Banya as part of a training routine

Stretching in Banya No.1

After undertaking any type of sporting activity, you may experience muscle sensitivity, soreness, tightness or even cramps. These feelings are quite normal as exercise can cause microscopic or minor tears in muscle fibres, giving rise to inflammation. While muscle fatigue can appear immediately after an exercise routine, muscle pain may be delayed. Overall muscle recovery […]

Take your recovery to the next level

Stretching in Banya No.1

As we all know, it is extremely important to stretch after you exercise because this increases blood circulation and helps your muscles recover from the workout, ultimately alleviating tight muscles and muscle soreness. Stretching will also improve your flexibility which will in turn reduce the chances of injury. So, how can we take our recovery […]

Fitness Benefits of a Banya

Parenie - steam room

Can you recall the feeling of your muscles aching after physical exercise? Whether you are a professional athlete or simply a casual gym-goer, you will have definitely experienced this sensation. While many people believe that this type of pain is completely normal and is caused by overtraining, it is in fact a result of ‘under-recovery’. […]