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Tips for your visit to Banya No.1

Banya FAQ

As a Russian banya is a unique experience for many people, we have decided to run through the most frequently asked questions to explain how it works. Why do I need to wear a hat inside the steam room? Steam and high temperatures are good for the body, but not for the vessels inside the […]

A list of a few dos and don’ts

Morning steam at Banya No.1

Do: get naked People generally strip off to use banya. While this may seem a little odd or confronting for people coming from countries where public bathing and steam rooms aren’t really a thing, it would be more strange for you to wear a swimsuit than to not wear one. In Banya No.1 we suggest […]

Traditions of Russian Banya

russian banya

Wear a felt hat to protect your head from overheating Spend no more than 5-10 minutes in parnaya (steam room) to begin with Cool down in the lounge area for about 15 minutes and re-hydrate with some herbal tea Back to parnaya for a detoxifying honey & sea salt scrub, which will melt deep into […]