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Revitalise Your Routine: Our GM’s Top Wellness Tips for a Thriving 2024

Banya London - wellness spa - Banya No.1 - Hoxton

New Year is the time when we love to embark on a “new life,” all matters have been postponed until January, and there’s no turning back. Today, I won’t write about recovering from long holidays, feasts, and alcohol intoxication. Instead, I’d like to offer advice—cultivate new beneficial habits in 2024. If you already have three […]

Discover the Health Benefits of Ice Bath at Banya No.1

Ice bath Banya Hoxton

Dive into the experience at Banya No.1 – Hoxton, where we offer an exhilarating journey through authentic thermal wellness and invigorating contrast therapy in the heart of London, perfect for those exploring the health benefits of ice bath and hot and cold therapy! Here, we invite you to experience our traditional thermal cycle of hot, […]

Celebrating Win: BABTAC Recognises Banya No.1’s Digital Excellence!

BABTAC winners 2023

What an exhilarating Sunday it’s been! Banya No.1 has added another feather to its cap. With immense joy, we’re thrilled to announce that we clinched the Digital Marketing Award at the recent BABTAC Awards ceremony. Our commitment to providing an authentic and invigorating experience extends beyond our spa – it’s ingrained in our online presence, […]

Top 15 Best Otherworldly Locations In London

Banya No.1 - Hoxton

London’s great and all that, but sometimes we all need a change of scene. Foreign travel has been a bit tricky recently, so you could do better than visit a London spot that will transport you thousands of miles away. There are buildings, venues, green spaces, and experiences in the capital that make you feel […]

Best Hangover Cure in London

What are the benefits of visiting Banya No.1 after a long Bank Holiday weekend? The detoxifying effects of a banya session can work wonders for removing all the toxins as you sweat in the steam room and then immerse yourself in the cold water. We advise multiple shorter sessions in conjunction with continued rehydration. What’s […]