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Experience the Perfect Harmony of Sound Bath & Thermal Spa in London


We’re excited to announce our latest wellness offering at Banya No.1 – Hoxton: the Sound Bath Ritual! In this post, we’ll explore the therapeutic practice of sound healing and sound bath, and how it beautifully complements our exhilarating thermal experience, ensuring a holistic and transformative after-effect. What is Sound Healing? Sound healing is a therapeutic […]

Discover the Health Benefits of Ice Bath at Banya No.1

Ice bath Banya Hoxton

Dive into the experience at Banya No.1 – Hoxton, where we offer an exhilarating journey through authentic thermal wellness and invigorating contrast therapy in the heart of London, perfect for those exploring the health benefits of ice bath and hot and cold therapy! Here, we invite you to experience our traditional thermal cycle of hot, […]