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Drinking freshly squeezed juice is an easy way of obtaining lots of important nutrients and vitamins

freshly squeezed juice

We all know that eating fruit and vegetables is a great way of enriching our bodies with important nutrients and minerals. But did you know that drinking fresh juices is an alternative (and delicious!) way of getting your recommended “five a day”? Fresh fragrant juice is especially good after a visit to the steam room […]

Immerse yourself in Karelia, our unique lounge that combines the world of nature with centuries-old bathing rituals

Karelia lounge

Have you ever felt like being surrounded by the natural environment of a forest while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a spa and rejuvenating treatments? At the Banya No.1 branch in Chiswick, we are pleased to offer Karelia, a private booth in the Rest & Relaxation area. Here, you can marvel at […]

Will you dare to try our icy-cold plunge pool?

9C plunge pool

The benefits of a hot steam room and icy-cold plunge pool have been known for hundreds of years. In fact, the plunge pool is good for your overall health and wellbeing in a number of ways: ❄️ When you plunge into the icy-cold pool, the sudden drop in temperature instantly causes your blood vessels to […]

What type of massage is best for you?

Russian massage

At Banya No.1, our valued customers have a wide range of massages to choose from. Every masseur who works in our spa is appropriately qualified and will provide an exceptional service when performing one of the following massages. Russian massage The Russian massage first appeared during the times of the Soviet Union and is still […]

The best and healthiest way to welcome spring

Maslenitsa, Russian pancake week, normally takes place at the end of February or the beginning of March. For this reason, this celebration is often associated with saying farewell to winter and welcoming spring. During this week, people cook pancakes that resemble the sun as a sign of the upcoming spring. Pancakes with red caviar are […]