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Ice, ice baby by Telegraph

Ice, ice baby

Cold water immersion promises a whole host of benefits for mind and body. No wonder plunge pools and ice baths are having something of a moment. If 2021 was the year of the hot tub, then 2022 is the year to chill — literally. Cold water immersion, particularly using ice baths and cold plunge pools, […]

Drinking freshly squeezed juice is an easy way of obtaining lots of important nutrients and vitamins

freshly squeezed juice

We all know that eating fruit and vegetables is a great way of enriching our bodies with important nutrients and minerals. But did you know that drinking fresh juices is an alternative (and delicious!) way of getting your recommended “five a day”? Fresh fragrant juice is especially good after a visit to the steam room […]

Immerse yourself in Karelia, our unique lounge that combines the world of nature with centuries-old bathing rituals

Karelia lounge

Have you ever felt like being surrounded by the natural environment of a forest while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a spa and rejuvenating treatments? At the Banya No.1 branch in Chiswick, we are pleased to offer Karelia, a private booth in the Rest & Relaxation area. Here, you can marvel at […]