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Health benefits of herbal tea No.1

Herbal tea No.1 - Banya No.1

As you may know, during your stay in the steam room, your body is affected by the high temperature, which in turn activates various metabolic processes. As a result, you emit sweat, along with toxins and other unnecessary substances. However, at the moment of sweat release, the body loses a lot of fluid, which must […]

Banya as part of a training routine

Stretching in Banya No.1

After undertaking any type of sporting activity, you may experience muscle sensitivity, soreness, tightness or even cramps. These feelings are quite normal as exercise can cause microscopic or minor tears in muscle fibres, giving rise to inflammation. While muscle fatigue can appear immediately after an exercise routine, muscle pain may be delayed. Overall muscle recovery […]

Our Body Wash is a Healthy Pleasure!

Body Wash treatment

Banya No.1’s body wash is a traditional Siberian treatment that involves whole-body washing with whipping foam combined with a gentle massage with fragrant and exfoliating birch twigs. Just imagine … you are lying on the hot stone in a humid atmosphere and your body is slowly being covered by light puffs of soft and thick […]

What our clients say about Parenie treatment – sincere and genuine emotions!

Tripadvisor spa choice

Our traditional and authentic Parenie treatment is unique and exclusive. As many of our clients have experienced the unforgettable and amazing emotions that the Parenie elicits, we have decided to publish a selection of their reviews so that you will know exactly what to expect from this treatment when you book your appointment at Banya […]