Ewelina Urszula O’Donnell

Banya No.1 provides the essence and a pure quality of this beautiful, ancient ritual for your body and mind. Being Polish I had very high expectations from my 1st visit to Banya as I had a chance to experience a real one in Moscow years ago. My friend told me about Banya in London and I didn’t really give it much of a chance in my head. I agreed to go more for a social aspect of it as I didn’t think they will do it right. Well, I was wrong. From the moment I entered the sauna and saw how perfectly arranged everything was and the quality of the products and service being just 100% perfect reflecting Slavic knowledge of rejuvenation and deep, almost spiritual relaxation. I felt about 5 kilos lighter after I got ‘properly battered’ with twigs and than pampered with aloe mask and massage. Sipping delicious herbal tea after I didn’t know if it was the toxins that left my body or the troubles that in some miraculous way left my mind. I laughed so hard jumping into the barrow of freezing water after sauna and I know that I will always crave that feeling of feeling your body, your inner self, of being healthy in every way. Thank you for recreating something so unique and so special. I would highly recommend Banya to everyone. We need it to survive and we need it to look at life in its simple form. Nature has all it takes to make us happy and Banya just helps us to return to our natural state. I will be back!

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