Children and the banya

Children and the banya

Are you wondering whether you can bring your children to the banya? Well, this article offers some tips and recommendations on how to introduce the banya to the younger generation.

In fact, there are no strict conditions regarding the age at which children can be brought to the banya. Nevertheless, most paediatricians believe that a child should be at least 3 years old before they get acquainted with a steam room, although we strongly recommended that you consult your GP before paying us a visit. Remember, at this early age, a child’s body is still developing so it is advisable to ask your doctor about the possibility of them overheating.

There are some basic rules for children in the banya:

  • The temperature in the steam room should not exceed 70° Celsius.
  • Children should not stay inside the steam room for too long. Their first visit should be around 1–2 minutes and then their sessions can be gradually increased to around 8–10 minutes.
  • They should only sit on the lower benches in the steam room.
  • Children should refrain from jumping into the plunge pool or taking a cold shower after visiting the steam room. It is recommended that they take a warm shower and get dried off with a towel.
  • They should never be left unattended. It is imperative that you observe how your child’s body is reacting to the high temperatures and if you spot any signs of discomfort they should leave the steam room immediately.
  • Between visits to the steam room, children should drink lots of water, mors or tea.
  • Children should always wear a hat in order to avoid the possibility of overheating.

If a child visits the banya regularly, it will undoubtedly strengthen their body, have a beneficial effect on their respiratory and cardiovascular systems, improve the condition of their hair and skin, and help with various dermatological problems. Furthermore, it will fortify their body and help to prevent colds and flu. The banya will also help relax a child’s nervous system and promote healthy sleep. Family visits to the banya are a great way of bringing everyone together and harmonising relationships between children and parents. 

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