How sudden temperature changes impact your body and mind

9C plunge pool

It is interesting to note that when we spend some time in the steam room, we think about how to escape the heat rather than the actual benefits of the banya. In fact, we need to remember that the heating and cooling we experience will activate physical, chemical and thermal processes, which will in turn help to clean, heal and strengthen the body.

The sudden changes in temperature improve the cardiovascular system, relieve muscle pain, cleanse the skin and refresh the mind. Let’s examine how it all works.

Heart gymnastics
The heat of the steam room promotes the dilation of blood vessels, in particular the smaller veins. This process helps to boost blood flow to areas of the body that are lacking in nutrients. Meanwhile, the cooling process narrows the veins and slowly returns the body to regular blood circulation. These variations in blood circulation improve the cardiovascular system, enhance vein elasticity and strengthen the heart.

Recovery after exercises
High temperatures enhance the body’s performance and speed up its natural healing process, thereby eliminating lactic acid and reducing muscle tension. In addition, the sudden changes in temperature force the body to produce heat shock proteins that are very helpful for muscle growth.

Skin tone improvement and rejuvenation
Under the influence of high temperatures, the pores open and, together with increased sweating, dead skin and toxins are gradually removed from the body. When the temperature changes, the pores close and this promotes the production of collagen and elastin fibres. The whole process makes the skin smooth and shiny.

Stress relief
The changes in temperature boost blood circulation and enable the cells to be more actively saturated with oxygen. This in turn leads to mood improvement, relieves nervous tension and promotes healthy sleep.

Cold buckets

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