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The healthy effect of Russian Banya

Russian banya steam room

The healthy effect of Russian banya has been enshrined in Russian sayings such as Banya parit, banya pravit (banya steam makes the body right), Zharky par lyuboy nedug istselit (hot steam cures any illness) etc. Since the time of Ancient Rome and Roman thermae, steam bathing, technically speaking, has involved high-temperature steam treatment that removes […]

A Londoner’s starter guide to the Russian banya

Russian Steam Room

RBTH correspondent Ilaria Parogni visits the first-ever Russian banya in London and shares her impressions and thoughts on one of Russia’s favourite activities. I have a confession to make. Despite having lived in Russia for a while in the past and writing about this country for a living, I had never been to a Russian […]

How to spend it. Financial Times

Financial Times Banya review

Americans repurify in a sweat lodge. The Turkish make it a social affair in the hammam, whereas Celts favour a vapour bath. But in Russia, one can find merry banter, nakedness and the ritualistic flicking of birch branches in the steamy environs of a banya. I’ve never tried the latter, but luckily for me, the first […]

Russian Banya Spa Treatment Poised To Become 2013 Health And Wellness Trend

Russian Banya Spa Treatment Poised To Become 2013 Health And Wellness Trend

If the idea of being thwacked by branches and leaves as part of your spa treatment doesn’t scare you, consider signing up for the latest spa trend inspired by a thousand-year-old tradition out of Russia. According to trendspotters at Condé Nast Traveller UK, after Ayurvedic and Turkish baths, Russian banyas are poised to be the next […]

Traditions of Russian Banya

russian banya

Wear a felt hat to protect your head from overheating Spend no more than 5-10 minutes in parnaya (steam room) to begin with Cool down in the lounge area for about 15 minutes and re-hydrate with some herbal tea Back to parnaya for a detoxifying honey & sea salt scrub, which will melt deep into […]