Take your recovery to the next level

Stretching in Banya No.1

As we all know, it is extremely important to stretch after you exercise because this increases blood circulation and helps your muscles recover from the workout, ultimately alleviating tight muscles and muscle soreness. Stretching will also improve your flexibility which will in turn reduce the chances of injury.

So, how can we take our recovery to the next level?

“Good Stretch” provides the following advice:

Use a sauna, steam room or banya as this will enhance the muscle recovery process by increasing your blood circulation and carrying oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles. Another benefit is that heat allows muscles to relax better, thereby relieving muscle tension.

Muscle strength and power appear to increase after sauna use. If you are looking to build strength and power, saunas can be extremely helpful.

Moreover, it’s not only about muscle health.

Stretching in Banya No.1

For a lot of people, life is filled with stressors, especially in busy cities such as London. Stretching not only relaxes the body, it also has a calming effect on the mind and emotions; it involves mental and physical relaxation, body awareness, and a reduction in muscular tension and soreness. Using a sauna, steam room or banya can enable the body and mind to adapt to stress and reduce the risk of depression and other mental health disorders. Heat bathing in a sauna provides stress relief in a number of ways. For example, saunas are usually warm, quiet environments without any external distractions. They also stimulate the release of endorphins – the body’s all-natural “feel-good” chemicals – and this release provides a truly wonderful “post-sauna glow”.

Stretching in Banya No.1

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