Immerse yourself in Karelia, our unique lounge that combines the world of nature with centuries-old bathing rituals

Karelia lounge

Have you ever felt like being surrounded by the natural environment of a forest while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a spa and rejuvenating treatments?

At the Banya No.1 branch in Chiswick, we are pleased to offer Karelia, a private booth in the Rest & Relaxation area. Here, you can marvel at the stunning, Scandinavian-inspired design with natural moss covering the walls. This has a therapeutic, relaxing and aesthetic effect on our guests, and a number of other scientifically proven positive benefits including fresh and clean air, better concentration levels and stress prevention.

Karelia is a private room with access to public facilities such as a common steam room, icy-cold plunge pool, bucket showers, and massage and treatment rooms. In the public area, you can enjoy spa treatments such as our famous and authentic parenie, a relaxing massage, a purifying scrub, a rejuvenating mask, and a range of many other fabulous options.

After spending some time in the public area having some treatments or visiting a steam room, you can come back to your private and quiet booth to relax, savour our traditional Russian food and refreshing herbal tea, enjoy the company, and spend some quality time with your family and friends. Karelia is a unique and original setting that is perfect for any occasion, including birthday celebrations, meet-ups, team-building sessions or perhaps just a relaxing chat.

Book your 3-hour session in the Karelia private lounge today and immerse yourself in the incredible world of nature and authentic Russian traditions.

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