All About the Russian Banya

Andrei Fomin

It’s a Russian Banya week at Pushkin House and I had an amazing opportunity to speak to “Young Pushkin” Madeleine Cuckson about my mission to bring Banya to the world.

In this podcast we talk about the history of Russian banya in London – how it was brought by Jewish immigrants from Russia in 19th Century and about being the first in bringing it back to London 8 years ago.

We talk about our wellness heritage and its relevance in the modern world where a holistic approach to wellness is widely considered so important that it has practically become a new wealth.

We talk about the authentic wellness experience at Banya No.1 that is honest, original and accessible. If you’ve never tried it before it may blow your mind. It takes you out of your comfort zone and you may become addicted. It’s an Experience with a capital “E”.

You can find it here:

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