Benefits of banya’s tree twigs


Tree twigs massage, also called Parenie, is an essential ritual of the Russian banya. Although some of our clients have described this treatment as “torture”, they soon come to realise that Parenie can help them achieve complete bliss throughout their whole body. It increases blood flow, improves the metabolism and opens the skin pores. As well as all these benefits, the scents emanating from the assorted tree leaves create a unique atmosphere inside the steam room, and the essential oils promote better breathing and rejuvenate the body. The tree twigs that we use for our Parenie treatments have a range of healing properties.

Oak leaves release essential oils and tannins that:

OAK venik

– help rejuvenate your skin and make it more elastic and radiant;

– have a curative effect and help wounds heal faster;

– calm the nervous system;

– help reduce high blood pressure.


Birch leaves are rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins A and C which:

BIRCH venik

– help to cleanse the skin;

– remove toxins and salts from your body;

– strengthen the respiratory system;

– have a positive effect on your mood.


Eucalyptus leaves contain a high percentage of essential oils which:


– help fight respiratory diseases;

– open the airways;

– relax the body.

Book your unique Parenie treatment today and you will soon discover for yourself how quickly it can improve both your mind and body.

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