Best Hangover Cure in London

What are the benefits of visiting Banya No.1 after a long Bank Holiday weekend?

The detoxifying effects of a banya session can work wonders for removing all the toxins as you sweat in the steam room and then immerse yourself in the cold water. We advise multiple shorter sessions in conjunction with continued rehydration.

What’s more, there are studies that show that banya sessions are similar to cardiovascular exercise. Exercise appears in almost every list of hangover cures around as a way to regulate the heart rate, produce endorphins and sweat out toxins. 

Safe banya use can have these same effects with much less effort – perfect for those who struggle to get out of bed the morning after.

To sum up, although you always need to take care of the risks of banya use on a hangover, safely accessing the variety of benefits banya provides can help combat the burden of a heavy night of drinking and get you feeling back to normal.

Book your visit online and get back on track in no time! 😉