The best affordable spas in London by Condé Nast Traveller

Banya No.1 thermal experience

To counter the hustle and bustle of hectic city life, London has a wealth of affordable spas where you can switch off, unwind and recharge. Whether you want to soak in soothing hot baths, have an all-natural facial, be thwacked by birch twigs or float in a sensory deprivation pod, these are some of the more pocket-friendly ways of treating yourself for under £100 in London.

Banya No.1

Does being thwacked by a bunch of twigs sound like your idea of relaxation? If not, don’t let that put you off a trip to the traditional Russian spa Banya No.1. Based in Hoxton and Chiswick, at Banya No.1 you get the full steam, sauna, plunge ritual. You’ll also get a chance to experience the signature Parenie treatment, where you are massaged with fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs to help you feel the true heat of the steam room followed by a dip in the chilly plunge pool after. Sounds a tad bonkers – but it’s said to boost blood circulation and relieve muscle tension and will leave you tingling all over.

Treatment to book: Package No.1 which includes a Parenie treatment and a 3 hour session with your own booth in the cafe and starts at £75.

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