Super tea will boost your power and happiness

Sea Buckthorn tea

Sea buckthorn berries have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and they are well known as a super-powerful food containing a high number of vitamins, protein, antioxidants, minerals and fibre. Sea buckthorn is one of the most nutritious and vitamin-enriched foods in the world.

This tiny yellow-orange berry is approximately one-third of the size of a blueberry, yet packs 12 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange.

Discovered in the Himalayas, sea buckthorn has been widely used by the Chinese and Ancient Greeks. In Asian medicine, this “sacred plant” is known as “the berry of health and longevity” as it helps to fight dozens of diseases, stimulates the metabolism and improves the immune system. Meanwhile, the Ancient Greeks recognised the beautifying and rejuvenating features of the berries. For example, breeders noticed that the coats of horses which grazed on sea buckthorn bushes were shinier and silkier. The Greeks even believed that the winged horse Pegasus gained his ability to fly because sea buckthorn was his main source of food. Interestingly, these berries have been widely used by athletes during the Olympic Games.

Subsequently, sea buckthorn became extremely popular in Russia as it was found that it could be used to medicate frostbites, an important benefit given the country’s cold winters! Most importantly, the berries contain serotonin – the “hormone of happiness” – which supports the normal functioning of the nervous system and helps to combat stress.

At Banya No.1, we prepare sea buckthorn tea that is enriched with calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus (at least 190 bioactive compounds to be exact). It is definitely worth a try as we believe it will enhance your health and happiness!

You can find sea buckthorn tea in our menu. Enjoy the tea in our cosy rest area during your Banya session.

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