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Banya FAQ

As a Russian banya is a unique experience for many people, we have decided to run through the most frequently asked questions to explain how it works.

Why do I need to wear a hat inside the steam room?
Steam and high temperatures are good for the body, but not for the vessels inside the head. Sitting in the steam room without a hat may cause dizziness and your body to overheat. The hat will help you maintain a stable temperature and prevent your head from being affected by hot air and steam. Moreover, at high temperatures, long hair might become dull and dry, which is why it is recommended that you tuck it inside a hat.

How should I breathe inside the steam room?
You have to monitor your breathing while in the steam room. It is recommended that you inhale hot air through your nose in order to cool the air down before it enters your lungs, making it easier for them to work and preventing respiratory tract burns.

How long should I stay inside the steam room?
Your first visit to the steam room should not exceed 5 minutes. Then, you should have a rest in the lounge area for about 15-20 minutes. After your break, you may visit the steam room again for 5-10 minutes, and then continue alternating between the steam room and lounge.

What should I eat and drink during my visit?
While in the steam room, you will sweat profusely, which is why you will lose a lot of water and salt. In order to recover your water balance, you should drink a lot of tea, water or our homemade kvass and mors. To restore your salt balance, we recommend an assortment of pickles.

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