Top 15 Best Otherworldly Locations In London

Banya No.1 - Hoxton

London’s great and all that, but sometimes we all need a change of scene. Foreign travel has been a bit tricky recently, so you could do better than visit a London spot that will transport you thousands of miles away. There are buildings, venues, green spaces, and experiences in the capital that make you feel like you’re in another country. Here’s your guide to the Best Otherworldly Locations In London!

7. Banya No.1

Banya No.1 is one of the best otherworldly locations in London that you should try when you visit here. It’s an old-school Russian massage, which involves being swathed in hot wet leaves and pummeled by venik – a leafy bundle of herbs. It’s meant to reduce muscle tension and stress and it’s the specialty treatment atBanya No 1 – the only traditional Russian bath in London. Experience a range of massage treatments including Deep Tissue, Remedial, or Reflexology. Massage therapists use a combination of kneading, stroking, rubbing, and vibration techniques. The focus is on parts of the body that experience or cause pain.

Unlike conventional saunas, the Banya surrounds you with high levels of steam as water is splashed onto cast iron heated to 700°C inside a brick furnace. Although the banya’s temperature (70°C) is lower than in a sauna the high levels of superheated steam cause the body to sweat profusely and then detoxify. Besides, the plunge pool is a chilling 7-10°C which counteracts the heat of the steam room. Close your eyes, breathe in, pull the rope, and you are drenched in ice-cold water. The sudden change of temperature has a highly beneficial effect on the body – toxins are released, and a feeling of relief and tingling lightness follows shortly afterward. Amid the pummelings, you can also expect plenty of vodka shots and tasty Russian delicacies as part of the Slavonic experience.

  • Address: Unit B01, 17 Micawber Street, London, N1 7TB
  • Transport: Tube (Angel/Old St)
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
  • Website:
  • Contact: 020 7253 6723

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