First Banya in London

On our tour through Secret London and discovering new hidden gems we stumbled upon London’s first Russian bathhouse, Banya No.1.

Located in North London this bathhouse and spa known only amongst the innovation hunters and the Eastern European clientele is becoming a hot new craze. When we first heard of Banya we instantly wanted to know what was the difference to a traditional spa we’ve all come to know and love. Now we know, so much more.

This traditional Russian Banya offers a difference in way of culture. Unlike convention saunas, a Russian banya is known for wetter and higher levels of steam making it easier not just to breathe but inevitably more detoxing. When you arrive you will instantly feel and notice why Banya is not like any other conventional sauna. The decor is simple and traditional, from the treatment rooms of bare stone to the lounge and restaurant of black leather booths and wooden tables.

You’re probably still wondering but what is on the Menu here in terms of treatment. Banya offers what they call ‘Parenie’, Where you lie down, face covered in oak tree leaves and are wacked and swatted with more oak leaves while steam from the sauna is pushed towards your skin to help boosts blood circulation and relieve tension and stress. This is followed by a dip in the 4-degree plunge pool, we promise it is a lot more refreshing than it sounds.

Banya shares testimony that “All our treatments are authentic and prepared onsite using organic ingredients.” and that’s enough for us. Banya No.1 also offer full body scrubs, body washes treatments and massages all using ‘Venik’ leaves.

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