Aromatherapy at Banya No.1

Aroma steam

Aromatherapy has been around since ancient times and is known as a treatment that can have a positive effect on a person’s health and well-being through the use of aromatic substances. Depending on the aromas of the herbs, flowers and plants used, you can achieve a variety of results, from full calmness and relaxation to invigoration and rejuvenation.

At Banya No.1, aromatherapy occurs naturally inside the steam room as birch, oak and eucalyptus tree twigs are used in our treatments. The high temperature causes the essential oils from these trees to evaporate and pass through your respiratory system, immediately enriching your bloodstream and giving you the feeling of refreshment and renewal.

Moreover, aromatherapy can affect your body through the skin. High temperatures enhance the elimination of toxins while at the same time helping to open up the pores through which the skin absorbs useful essential oils and minerals.

Therefore, during a visit to the banya you will be able to experience all the delights of our aroma steam procedure.

• The evaporation of natural and essential oils from the birch tree is one of the most powerful ways of promoting skin renewal and regeneration. It restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness, and cures serious dermatological disorders and cellulite.
• Oak oils have an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, promote the healing process, and relieve inflammation.
• Eucalyptus oil is an effective remedy for colds and upper respiratory tract problems. It also improves mood, strengthens the nervous system, and has a positive effect on the function of blood vessels and the heart.

The benefits of essential oils do not end there. Depending on the objectives and needs, additional herbal infusions can be added to the steam room. These infusions can help strengthen the immune system, promote weight loss, give vitality, and much more. At Banya No.1, we often hold aroma steam sessions where we use a variety of natural infusions, highlight their beneficial properties, and give you the opportunity to try all the unique and beneficial effects of aromatherapy for yourself.

Aroma steam event

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