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Herbal tea No.1 - Banya No.1

As you may know, during your stay in the steam room, your body is affected by the high temperature, which in turn activates various metabolic processes. As a result, you emit sweat, along with toxins and other unnecessary substances. However, at the moment of sweat release, the body loses a lot of fluid, which must be replenished between visits to the steam room. With this in mind, it is worth remembering that the best way to restore your water balance is to drink our herbal tea, a refreshing tonic drink. At Banya No.1, in order to make our signature Herbal Tea No.1, we carefully select a mix of herbs, including linden, mint, chamomile and thyme. The beneficial properties of the tea will help your body recover, relax and feel nourished. Let’s take a look at the bioactive compounds of each herb that make our Herbal Tea No.1 so special.


• Promotes relaxation and sleep
Linden tree compounds possess strong sedative properties and act like gaba-aminobutyric acid, a neurochemical that slows down excitability in the nervous system. Moreover, the linden tree contains an anxiolytic essential oil that reduces anxiety and stress. Thus, linden tea promotes relaxation, tranquillity and healthy sleep.

• Reduces inflammation and pain
The antioxidants (such as flavonoids, tiliroside, quercetin and kaempferol) found in linden tea have proven to be effective against inflammation. And, because it contains soothing agents known as antispasmodics, linden tea also helps to alleviate pain.

• Lowers blood pressure
Tiliroside, rutoside and chlorogenic acid are components of linden tea that help to dilate the blood vessels and thus reduce blood pressure.



• Improves the immune system
Peppermint tea is rich in micronutrients, vitamin B, potassium, calcium and antioxidants that help fight colds and enable you to stay healthy. Moreover, the smell of menthol (one of the active compounds of mint) and the steam from the tea help to relieve clogged sinuses and therefore make breathing easier.

• Relieves tension and pain
The natural aroma of menthol that is released from the mint leaves produces a cooling sensation, relaxes muscles tension, relieves pain and reduces certain types of headache.

• Increases concentration and memory
Mint is a useful source of vitamins A and C, which help to protect your cognitive function, boost your memory and learning skills, and improve your overall mood.

• Supports the digestive system
Mint leaves contain essential oil compounds including menthol, menthone and limonene, which soothe digestive cramping, calm upset stomachs and improve digestion.



• Promotes blood sugar control
The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile help to lower cholesterol and insulin levels, and prevent damage to the pancreas cells, which occurs when blood sugar levels are chronically high.

• Improves sleep quality
Chamomile tea is well-known for its phytonutrient properties, specifically apigenin which is known to have sedative effects. This compound ties up with certain receptors in the brain that soothe the nervous system, promote sleepiness and reduce insomnia.

• Prevents cancer
Chamomile contains apigenin, an antioxidant that has been shown to suppress various human cancers through multiple biological effects, such as programming cancer cells to self-destroy or die, cutting the motility of cancer cells, and stimulating an immune response. Thus, chamomile tea can produce anti-cancer effects for various types of cancer, including liver cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma and prostate cancer.



• Reduces inflammation
One of the main compounds of thyme is thymol, which helps to fight against the key enzyme responsible for inflammation in the body. Carvacrol is another component of thyme that helps to reduce inflammation.

• Boosts the mood
Carvacrol, one of the active substances in thyme, increases the amount of dopamine and serotonin in the body. As these hormones regulate your mood, thyme tea can have a positive effect on your emotions.

• Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Thyme is classified as a hypotensive herb as it is rich in antioxidants that help to reduce high blood pressure. Moreover, some studies have shown that thyme tea lowers the level of bad LDL cholesterol in the body, thus preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases.

As you can see, the bioactive properties of the extracts and herbs found in our Herbal Tea No.1 can deliver a wide range of health benefits to your mind and body. Don’t miss out on our signature herbal tea so you can experience all these amazing benefits for yourself!

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