Banya as part of a training routine

Stretching in Banya No.1

After undertaking any type of sporting activity, you may experience muscle sensitivity, soreness, tightness or even cramps. These feelings are quite normal as exercise can cause microscopic or minor tears in muscle fibres, giving rise to inflammation. While muscle fatigue can appear immediately after an exercise routine, muscle pain may be delayed. Overall muscle recovery might take 24 to 72 hours, but once the healing process is complete, your muscles become stronger and sturdier. Using the banya and steam room can help enhance the muscle recovery process. Let’s take a look at how it works:

– Oxygen delivery.

The high temperatures inside the steam room increase blood circulation which then enables oxygen-rich blood to be carried to depleted muscles to saturate them with the oxygen needed for recovery.

– Lactic acid elimination.

High temperatures enhance the body’s performance and speed up its natural healing process, thereby eliminating lactic acid and reducing muscle tension. 

– Toxins removal.

Sweating helps to remove harmful elements and eliminate performance-inhibiting toxins from the body, which in turn improves endurance capabilities.

– Relaxation.

Another benefit is that heat promotes improved muscle relaxation, thereby relieving muscle tension.

– Muscle growth promotion.

The sudden changes in temperature force the body to produce heat shock proteins that are very helpful for muscle growth.


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