Our Body Wash is a Healthy Pleasure!

Body Wash treatment

Banya No.1’s body wash is a traditional Siberian treatment that involves whole-body washing with whipping foam combined with a gentle massage with fragrant and exfoliating birch twigs. Just imagine … you are lying on the hot stone in a humid atmosphere and your body is slowly being covered by light puffs of soft and thick soapy foam. Then, the therapist uses aromatic birch tree branches to gently massage your body, resulting in a cleansing and deep exfoliating effect. During this treatment, your body will feel so light that you will believe you have been transported to another dimension where the laws of gravity do not exist! In addition, the body wash will help to cleanse your body both physically and emotionally as it is performed in a separate room with a relaxed atmosphere, high humidity and a comfortable moderate temperature.

Under the influence of temperature, the birch leaves secrete tannins, natural essential oils and antibacterial substances. As a consequence, when combined with the hot stone and relaxing massage, our body wash produces the following health benefits:

  • Clean skin
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Removal of toxins and lactic acid from the body
  • Relief from muscle spasms 
  • Improvement of the motor system 
  • Enhancement of the immune system
  • Relief from fatigue and nervous tension
  • Complete relaxation of the body


It is important to mention that the constancy of the procedure has a preventive and healing effect on the body, which in turn has a positive impact on its overall functioning:

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves sleep and emotional well-being
  • Normalises metabolic processes
  • Relieves physical fatigue
  • Improves heart function and vascular condition
  • Reduces joint and rheumatic pain
  • Rejuvenates the body


If you have not yet tried this unique Siberian treatment, then please book your visit to Banya No.1 so you too can experience complete relaxation and enjoyment. Book online now –>

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