‘Even Bad kvass is Better than the Best water’ (an old Russian saying)

Homemade kvass Banya No.1

Here at Banya No.1, we offer a wide range of traditional Russian food and drinks. One of the most delicious ways to quench your thirst between detoxifying Parenie sessions is to have a glass of the refreshing and fizzy organic drink called Kvass.


Kvass is a fermented, non-alcoholic beverage commonly made from rye bread. The word ‘kvass’ literally means ‘leaven’. Its origins go back over a thousand years to the beginning of beer production. It was first mentioned in Russian Chronicles in the year 989. This was the year when Russia adopted Christianity and Prince Vladimir ordered that the people should be given food, mead and Kvass.

Traditionally, Kvass is made from rye bread, sugar, yeast, water and raisins (but how this recipe was discovered remains a mystery to this day!). It tastes like a sweet non-alcoholic beer. However, numerous variations have been created, from sweet or sour to mint, beetroot, apple and strawberry. In fact, when it is made with vegetables, it is even used in some cold soup recipes.

As a purely organic product of incomplete alcoholic fermentation, Kvass has numerous healthy benefits. For example, its enzymes and acids help to regulate the digestive system. It also contains various vitamins, such as B and E, that will help to keep your hair and skin healthy. In addition, Kvass has positive nutritional elements such as magnesium, calcium, amino acids and phosphorus.

As a probiotic with a good balance of gut bacteria and digestive enzymes, Kvass will help you absorb more of the nutrients in the foods you eat. Combine Kvass with a healthy meal and you will absorb many more nutrients than you normally would.

We offer our guests two types of Kvass – classic and beetroot. Beetroot Kvass has additional health benefits as it helps cleanse the liver and boosts your metabolism.

Don’t be surprised if the Kvass at Banya No.1 tastes different every time you visit as it is homebrewed in batches so the flavour may vary.

We can guarantee that this savoury drink won’t disappoint. You can order your glass of Kvass from one of our friendly staff members once you have entered the rest area.

Banya No.1 kvass

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