Russian Banyas vs Saunas

Banyas vs Saunas

A traditional Finnish sauna is very similar to a Russian banya. However, there are some extremely significant differences. For example, a Finnish sauna is usually something you can find in any sports club or spa. By contrast, a Russian banya is all about the unique experience, which is why it always stands out on its own.

In terms of technical differences, a Russian steam room is much more humid (around 40–70%) than a sauna (3–15%). This level of humidity means that the conditions in a Russian banya feel more natural. In turn, the heating is less aggressive but it has a deeper effect.

In addition, the air temperature in a Russian banya is usually around 60–70°C, while in a sauna it can reach 100°С or even hotter.

Public Russian banya

4-handed Parenie

The correct combination of humidity, light steam and temperature in a Russian steam room provides a unique and effective environment for a deep warming and the authentic thermal treatment Parenie.

Remember, a Russian banya is not a Russian banya without a venik thermal massage (using a leafy and fragrant bundle of birch, oak or eucalyptus twigs). In a sauna, venik is simply useless as it would dry out very quickly and cause more pain than pleasure.

Between visits to the Russian steam room, you can enjoy a splash of refreshing cold water from the buckets or an electrifying and invigorating dip in the icy cold plunge pool. This causes a shock effect to the body, boosting the overall banya effect as well as your immune system. On top of this, you will feel incredibly energised!

Bucket Showers

Punge pool

We are always pleased to welcome you to London’s Banya No.1 where you will be able to savour an authentic Russian Wellness & Spa experience.

‘It’s authentic, unexpected and will leave you buzzing so hard you’ll want to book the whole place for your next birthday party.’ A review by Emma Freud, LUXX Magazine, The Times

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