Healthy is the new Happy

Morning steam at Banya No.1

For many of us, a hard-working week always ends with a relaxing Friday night drink. In fact, from a biological perspective, this is a very reasonable way of winding down; we are usually tired and full of stress, and alcohol helps the blood vessels dilate which in turn makes us more relaxed and happy.

However, it is important to remember that alcohol causes more harm than it provides benefits. After all, a Friday night is always followed by a Saturday morning and this is usually when you realise that no matter how good a night you had, it was definitely not worth the resulting suffering. Sometimes, the whole of Saturday can be lost in the attempt to recover, not to mention the long-term damage done to the body.

So, what if you could release your tension in a more healthy and beneficial way? Well, here at Banya No.1 we believe we have the solution.

The complete banya experience involves a visit to the steam room where your body will slowly warm up and your muscles will become relaxed. Once you have reached the point where you feel warm enough, you can emerge from the steam room and splash yourself with cold water from the bucket or alternatively jump into our cold plunge pool. At first, it might feel as if you cannot breathe, but after a few seconds you will have the pleasure of an exhilarating feeling coming over you.

You can also add a Parenie session to your experience. This massage, using leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs, is all about working the steam around your body. It will boost your blood circulation, improve your immune system and relieve your muscle tension and stress.

Parenie - steam room

Of course, Friday night is also about socialising with your friends and in this respect Banya No.1 is the ideal venue. For example, you can have your own private table where you will be able to enjoy organic food and drinks.

Many of our guests have described how the banya experience makes them feel ‘like they are drunk’, while others have called it ‘like marijuana but better’. So, instead of going to the pub, why don’t you try switching your Friday night get-togethers to Banya No.1 where your socialising will also be good for your health?

Saturday plunge pool

Furthermore, regular visits can improve your well-being, help you with weight loss, regulate your stress levels and cleanse your skin. Indeed, the more often you come to Banya No.1, the better your heat resistance will be, thereby improving your cardiovascular health. We can even guarantee an incredible boost of energy that we all need so badly.

Saturday herbal tea

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