Losing Extra Weight After Christmas Holidays

Banya facilities

After Christmas holidays and unlimited food on our tables we all face the same problem of extra weight. Every Russian knows that Banya is one of the best ways to detox. Why not try it out?

The typical visit to Banya involves a treatment called Parenie – at the steam room with the temperature up to 60-70ºC and full of superheated steam. Your sweat glands will “burst” and you will loose a lot of water together with toxins as your blood circulation and metabolism boosted off the scale. You will burn a lot of those extra calories.

In order to get better results, we recommend your first entry to steam room to be about 5 minutes. Then, you can have a break for about 15 minutes. During your break you can enjoy a herbal tea with honey, which will also help to open up your pores and replenish the water. Then you can increase your visits to steam room for up to 10 minutes.

After 1 or 2 steaming sessions, you will have a special treatment by one of our Banya therapists, who will use leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs (called Venik) for a thermal massage. Venik massage boosts blood circulation, improves the immune system and relieves muscle tension & stress. Moreover, the treatment increases the detoxication process. The icy plunge that follows bring immense invigoration as your stress hormones and adrenalin levels go up.

In order to make the effect of steam even more effective, we also recommend a Honey & Salt or Coffee scrub. This is a nourishing and detoxifying organic treatment that improves skin texture, tones and gives it a fresh look.

All these amazing treatments together will help you to lose up to 300 calories in a 3-hour session. Of course, the effect increases if you visit Banya regularly. And together with regular exercise and healthy food, all these extra kilos will be gone much faster than you expect them to.

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