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Our traditional and authentic Parenie treatment is unique and exclusive. As many of our clients have experienced the unforgettable and amazing emotions that the Parenie elicits, we have decided to publish a selection of their reviews so that you will know exactly what to expect from this treatment when you book your appointment at Banya No.1!

The popular treatment & M-U-S-T experience is “Parenie”. Laying in the steam room, you will be lightly slapped with leafy bundles of birch, oak & eucalyptus twigs that will warm you up deeply – 10min procedure. Afterwards, you will be thrown cold water through wall mounted buckets and at the end you will enter a plunge pool with 7-10°C water. An intense & temperature shocking experience that will make you feel extremely relaxed afterwards; helping you to detox, re-boot your body and most importantly fully relax” (review from G.C. on Google)

I can guarantee you’ll have never had, or felt anything like it before. It’s the unique union of steam and Parenie that sees people coming back to the bathhouse again and again, even the likes of celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kate Moss, Emilia Clarke” (Forbes)

This was my first visit to Banya and my first parenie experience and it was utterly fantastic! Such a unique and invigorating experience, I’m going to make this a regular habit as it was so helpful for stress management, energy, and clearing my lungs. Would highly recommend!!” (review from S.S. on TripAdvisor)

The Venik treatment was unique. Wet scented branches of leaves beating your body whilst you place your head and feet on a wet bed of leaves. It feels like an Australian bush fire with all the heat and hot micro winds being circulated. Oh, and that bit is in full display of the sauna folk 😉 Then I plunged into a bucket style pool full of ice water to finish off the torture ;)” (review from P. on TripAdvisor)

I was living a fantasy of old-world opulence combined with bracing rustic pleasure/pain. Let’s start with the second bit, because that’s the main event. The pain comes from the hot hot hot steam room, the cold cold cold ice buckets and plunge pools and the beating you sign up for if you get the parenie treatment (which you should). Masochistic, maybe, but oh how good my skin and brain felt afterwards! I felt my cares leave my body as it tingled with new sensations” (review from G.J. on TripAdvisor)

Parenie has to be experienced. The feeling afterwards is amazing. One is beaten with oak branches, in a sauna type room, and then immersed first, in cold buckets of water (17 degrees celsius) then a plunge pool (7 degrees celsius)” (review from C.M. on TripAdvisor)

The sauna was fantastic, but the parenie was just amazing. It’s pretty difficult to describe how being slapped with leafy branches feels good but it does and the guys carrying it out guided me as a newcomer” (review from C. on TripAdvisor)

This is a treatment inside the sauna with brunches called “Venik” and I can only recommend it, as it was absolutely fantastic with all the leaves and heat on my skin, matching my personal heat resistance AND the cold eucalyptus on my face made it perfect, together with the caring operators doing this treatment and looking after my wellbeing, helping to get up, having the cold shower, cold bath, all under supervision (in case you feel dizzy after all the heat and cold) and get you the towel, asking you to sit down, lift your legs up and leave only after they made sure you feel good. I felt like a Queen :)” (review from A.S. on Google)

The treatments are terrific and really unique – especially the parenie where you get hit by eucalyptus leaves in a sauna before jumping in the ice-cold plunge pool!” (review from A.J. on TripAdvisor)

Parenie and massage lifted my spirits and took me out of a dismal winter’s day and into a more invigorating environment” (review from P. on TripAdvisor)

I experienced my very first parenie and was impressed how relaxed I felt when got back home” (review from S.M. on Google)

I have experienced Russian banya before, however, it was my first time trying parenie, which I was a bit nervous about, but it turned out to be the most relaxing experience ever. Loved the cold plunge pool afterwards!” (review from A.Z. on TripAdvisor)

It involves having wet birch leaves wafted over your body in a sauna while you lie down, combined with a kind of message. It’s followed up by a huge bucket of cold water and a plunge in the ice pool. It’s incredibly refreshing and you’ll feel your body tingling” (in a good way!) (review from C. on Google)

My treatment consisted of the traditional Parenie – Venik Massage, where a big, burly man thrashes you gently with oak leaves to increase your circulation, followed by some shocking, but ultimately pleasant dunks under chilled water” (review from A.O. on TripAdvisor)

The banya and parenie were fabulous the ice cold splash pool deeply invigorating making you feel incredibly toned and alive” (review from J.C. on TripAdvisor)

Big men or women lightly beat you with a bush of leaves. The treatment is called Parenie. Suppose to help with circulation and detoxing. Totally authentic. So much fun to have 2 guys swap and use a variety of motion to pat me with oak leaves in the steam room” (review from J.V. on TripAdvisor)

My favourite was the Parenie and I highly recommend you book this as it’s takes you in a hot and cold journey you just can’t prepare for” (review from S.G. on Google)

Parenie – Venik Massage which has anti-inflammatory effect and calms nervous system. Exactly what I was looking for! As a part of parenie I had to jump into the ice cold plunge pool what was absolutely fantastic and very refreshing! Don’t be scared and give it a go. You will LOVE it!!!!” (review from V.P. on TripAdvisor)

The parenie treatment is really something special and you feel like you were reborn after that 😀 definitely recommend to go for it!” (review from A.M. on Google)

I took “parenie” in the stream room with a spa attendant and it was awesome! After “parenie” they poured ice-cold water on me and I even was brave enough to get into ice-cold pool. Life-time experience! Definitely worth trying!” (review from A. on TripAdvisor)

I would definitely recommend it for a parenie which is where you’re beaten in the steam room with bunch of leaves to promote circulate and detoxification” (review from P.N. on TripAdvisor)

For the first time I experienced the Parenie – Venik Massage. It is a great feeling of relaxation and pleasant scent” (review from M.J. on TripAdvisor)

Steam sauna with parenie. The impact of the venik was unique. Felt like hot crystals wafting all over you. The cold plunge pool afterwards was strangely liberating” (review from D.H. on TripAdvisor)

I had no preconceived notions of what a Russian Spa was, over and beyond being hit with leaves! I came away in a Zen like state which lasted for a few days” (review from J.C. on Google)

We went for the Parenie Venik treatment which was a uniquely invigorating experience! We felt so relaxed afterwards” (review from C. on TripAdvisor)

Then into the Banya for a four-handed Parenie which was an amazingly unique and sensory experience. I have never felt so warm in my life, but in a good way !! Again, the smells were also amazing…..” (review from S. on TripAdvisor)

I particularly enjoyed the Parenie treatment with the use of venik , this gave me the best experience of the sauna followed by a dip in the plunge pool which left me feeling refreshed and energised” (review from G. on TripAdvisor)

Parenie was overwhelming for me as a first timer but the feeling strait after is unreal” (review from I.M. on Google)

The treatments were a parenie, which was done in the sauna, the gentle action of hitting you with leaves recirculates the hot air and is lovely and very, very relaxing” (review from E.O. on TripAdvisor)

The parenie was invigorating. I’ve never experienced anything like it” (review from S.D. on TripAdvisor)

Parenie, Russian massage with oak, birch and eucalyptus leaves, makes me feel so comfortable thanks to its smell, stimulus and heat” (review from D.K. on Google)

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