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Secret London – We Got Hit With Twigs And We Liked It! What Went Down At London’s Finest Russian Spa

London’s Finest Russian Spa

What do Justin Bieber, Kate Moss, Bridget Jones and Jamie Laing all have in common?They’ve all enjoyed getting hit with hot birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs by a lovely semi-naked Russian man at the Banya No.1 Russian Bath Club near Old Street.
We were greeted with towels and an extremely flattering felt hat and, once we’d…


It might take three hours, but it’s seriously good for the body, mind and soul

WHAT Parenie (£28) and Russian massage (£35 for 30 minutes) WHERE Banya No.1, London, gobanya.co.uk THE LOWNDOWN Russian Banya is a full experience, not an in-out treatment, so if you’re in a rush, save this for another dy. After a relaxing cup of tea, you’ll be laid down in a steam room where the therapist uses birch, oak […]

Jewish history of Russian banya in London

Russian banya history

The history of the Russian banya in London goes back to late 19th century and is connected to numerous Jewish immigrants that arrived to London during Pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe. The immigrants liked to create close-knit communities, preferring to live and work near to each other and within walking distance of a synagogue, […]

The Telegraph – The Russian way to relax: being thwacked with twigs

The Telegraph visited Russian banya

Kate Weinberg is massaged with twigs at a Russian bathhouse Photo: Paul Grover Banya involves being hit by branches and having a bucket of icy water chucked over your head. Kate Weinberg visits a bathhouse in London. It’s 9pm. I am lying face down on a wooden slab in a hot room, musing on how […]

OhCamely magazine: banya number one, here I come

banya number one, here I come

I spent my gap year in Moscow learning Russian. With not a jot of the language to get by on and taken aback by the freezing weather, my world shrunk to calendar-watching and English-language books. It was a difficult experience by most measures. I stayed for the winter and left in spring when the snow […]